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    Maxdrill shank adaptors ensure a quality drill string interface to the most exacting industry tolerances. Built to seamlessly interface with hydraulic and pneumatic drifters and top hammers, our shank adapters come in a full range of industry-standard thread configurations. Our precision grinding process ensures straightness, and our tools are fully carburized with an advanced heat treatment.

    Different shank adapters are available, like Atlas Copco, Tamrock, Ingersoll Rand,etc. Also for the same drill machine, due to different applications, the shank adapters can be different length and different threads

    Atlas Copco (COP1238, COP1838, COP1032 and etc)

    Furukawa (HD715, HD612, HD609, PD200 and etc)

    Ingersoll-Rand (VL140, VL671, YH80A and etc)

    Tamrock(HLX5, HL600, HL500, HL300, HL 700, HL850, HL1000, HL1500 and etc)

    Length (mm) Thread Type Dia (mm) Product Code
    380 R32 57.2 BBC120
    435 T38, R38 54.0 COP1838
    485 T38, R38 54.0 COP1238
    500 T38, R38 58.7 HLX5
    580 T38, R38 64.40 HD800
    620 T38, R38 63.0
    655 T38, R38 64.10
    690 T38, R38 57.0 HD609
    1. Size: R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51, T60
    2. Suitable for rock drills made by BoartLongyear, Atlas Copco, Bohler, Furukawa, Gardner Denver, Holman, Ingersoll Rand, Joy, Le Roi, Montabert, Mitsui, Seco/Secan, Secoma, Tamrock, Tokyo Riuki, Toyo
    3. Thread: R32, R38, T38, T45, T51
    4. Diameter: 37.8, 38, 44.3, 44.8, 44.9, 45, 51.7, 51.9, 54, 55.5, 57, 57.8, 60, 65, 68, 69, 74.9, 79mm
    5. Length: 245-880mm
    6. Package: in wooden case or in bundles.
    7. Productivity: 2000pcs/month
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