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Bauma China 2016

Customers through the drilling of our quality, the conditions of the consultation one by one, as well as the understanding of the MAXDRILL brand, the face to face communication, to express a high degree of cooperation intention. Iron ore, copper, gold, engineering and other procurement side of the Division I ball teeth drill, drill pipe, rock drill, etc. have a strong interest, after a wide range of communication, we learned that the new plant construction progress and advanced Production equipment, I Division of the technology and product quality is particularly recognized, hoping to try our products first, to see the final results, and expressed the intention of long-term cooperation.

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  1. Dear sirs,

    We are a Brazilian mining company and we are prospecting Chinese companies for the supply of underground equipment.

    We would like to receive your company’s price quote and technical information about the product below:


    Initially, we wanted to import a single part for testing and then a batch of ten units and spare parts for two years.

    Best regards

    Rafael Guerra
    Canaa Mining

    1. Dear,
      Sorry to give you reply later,I will send the price to you as soon as possible.Please wait.
      Happy New Year!

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