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Tophammer Drilling Tools

TOP HAMMER drilling tools include: bit, rod, shank and sleeve. The piston of drill rig directly impacts the shank, makes impact power reach the bit through rod by the form of stress wave, so as to work on the breakage of rock. The primary breaking way is impacting while the secondary is cutting; both are with high drilling efficiency.


Tophammer Product Gallery

Standard Carbide Grade

Different carbide suit for different rock formations:

  • Hemispherical: Usually for very hard rocks
  • Ballistic: Usually for medium hard rocks
  • Semi-ballistic: Usually for medium hard rocks 
  • Conical: Usually for soft rocks

Head & Skirt Design:

  • Drop center/Standard skirt: Perfect in abrasive formations where there is accelerated button wear or in medium to hard rock when ballistic buttons have a tendency to break.
  • Drop center/Retract skirt: To be used in medium-hard and fissured rock formations, better hole deviation control.
  • Flat front/Standard skirt: Ideal for medium-hard rock when the rock formation causes heavy gauge wear on the bit. Can also be used in very hard and abrasive rock formations.
  • Flat front/Retract skirt: To be used in the same applications as flat front/Spherical buttons/standard skirt when you have also created a hole.

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