Self-drilling anchor bolts

Self-drilling anchor bolts Product

Self drilling anchor system
Self drilling anchor system
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Self Drilling Anchor System

Anchoring is widely used in tunnel for pre-support, slope, coast, mine, water conservancy projects, Building foundation, roadbed reinforcement and geological faulty treatment such as landslip, crack, and sink age, it’s irreplaceable in narrow construction environment.




Self drilling hollow bar anchor system:

Comprised of a hollow threaded bar attached with a drill bit that performs drilling. The hollow bar allows air and water to freely pass through the bar during drilling to remove debris, after drilling at the required depth is completed, grout fills the hollow bar through the pressure for their requirement and completely covers the entire bolt.

Coupler: The coupler can be used to join hollow bars and extend the bolt length, it means the anchor can be elongated with the couplers.

Plate and nut :The plate and nut are installed according to their design requirement.

Drill bit: The drill bit would be selected at the choice of ground condition.